Monday, September 30, 2013

It was a Birthday Bash ...

A most excellent experience: Happy 10th Birthday Mill City Museum!

Mill City

Mill City Museum 10th Birthday Bash

party time


Mill City Museum, glass elevator, Stone Arch Bridge, Mississippi River

the best arches, the blue sky, this view is priceless

Highlight: Flour Tower (the whole thing plus the guides), glass elevator, the most charming museum gift shop, birthday cake (need I say more).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Perfect Weekend*

Dear Minneapolis,
                             I think you're the bees knees. See: architecture, historical buildings, Chef Shack's fresh made warm Indian spiced mini donuts, Gorkha Palace vegetable and turkey momos, The Guthrie, the Mississippi river, the views, etc.

From The Guthrie view of the Mill City Farmers Market

aerial view of Mill City Farmers Market

*Almost perfect disclaimer: what I can do without is the shrill yell of a customer's name for order pick up with no regard to the poor new customer ready to place an order standing right in front of you. That you've given no warning whatsoever that you're about to scream please consider revising this policy Chef Shack as it's startlingly and harsh (pretty sure I'll always have the horrible memory of that shrill awful yell ringing in my ears).

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Scenes from the Minnesota State Fair, a twelve day event filled with lots of food, animals, baby animals, art, music, etc. 


Fire lookout tower provided great views (Hi Downtown Minneapolis)

Ferris wheel (view of the Midway from the Ferris wheel)

Skyride (police themed, cow motif)

Sky Glider

unhealthy vs healthy

Princess Kay of the Milky Way butter sculptures

Crop Art (Johnny, North by Northwest, Jet Li, "restored" painting, Andy, Captain Kirk, Grumpy Cat)

Vintage Corn Sacks

Sheep, Goats, Pigs,  fancy Chickens

hatchlings & baby chicks keeping warm

Kenny The Largest Boar

Monday, September 9, 2013

Blue Ribbon Worthy (in my book)

Just for fun from the Minnesota State Fair, here's my list:

Best Apple Pie (the texture + apple filling + seasoning = perfection)
Best Film Reference Art
Best Display (perfectly organized)
Best Bike Display (Vintage)
Best Tesla at the MN State Fair (maybe the only one?)
Best Nice Rides
Best Unnecessary Apostrophe
Best Daniel Craig scarecrow (007 Scarecrow)
Best "Hair" in the Alpaca category
Best Sleeping Piglets Pileup
Longest Ears in Minnesota
Best Buffalo bush
Best "Hair" in the Chicken category
Best use of children's furniture

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Random Encounters

Hey, what's going on here?

Let's get a little closer

It's Grumpy Cat!

<<<<Flash Forward to a couple hours later>>>>

Time to catch WCCO 4 live broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair

Hi Frank & Amelia

There will be a special guest appearance. Who could it be?

It's so surreal--just take in this whole image.

Why the special guest appearance Grumpy Cat?

To promote the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival
Grumpy Cat's priceless expression and Grumpy Cat's fans with cat painted boots

If you're curious how the famous Grumpy Cat travels around town in style

a pink Petmate carrier