Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Turtles and Ducks

Turtles and Ducks

Can you see the turtle sticking its head up in the water? And that circular wave to the right of it is the largest turtle of three. It was about 3 times larger than the one most visible in this image and the other images below.

Turtle, Duck, and piece of bread

Fun Fact: This turtle is the only one that came out of the water, he'd retrieve a piece of bread and then hurry back to the water with the piece of bread in its mouth. Then eat it once back in the water. This was done three times. Then it just hung out in the water eating the bread pieces we threw near it.

baby duckies (leery of the larger turtle and one of the smaller ones)

This is what happens when you have carb loaded bread ready to feed the wildlife in your backyard. They all become your friends--turtles and ducks. We've seen these turtles for awhile but they're afraid and tend to plop into the water/dive under and away anytime we've seen them. That is until one day as we were feeding the baby ducks and their mom the turtles started swimming closer and then began to eat the pieces of bread. I didn't even realize they'd eat bread.

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