Friday, December 30, 2011

Red & White Christmas 2011

color coordinated presents with fancy bows

Christmas tree

Skinny Tree
Burlap boxes, Santa, Weathered Ornament, Fake plants

cranberries, music sheet stars, glass pebbles, votive candle holders, giant ceramic pinecone

Close up of cranberries and music sheet stars

There were plenty of presents, music, pumpkin muffins, and chocolate chip cookies (yeah, and Christmas dinner too!).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Arielle's Penguin Party

Penguin Party

Penguin Cake

Penguin gift boxes (featuring custom light purple penguin)

Kameron, Arielle's ├╝ber talened mom, created this marvelous party! The attention to detail is so impressive. I'm especially loving the way Kameron displayed with the penguin gift boxes--they're so lively.

To see more images of Arielle's party visit Kameron's blog I guarantee you'll love it. That Penguin cake is all kinds of awesome. From the cake pops to all the other delicious looking food it's not to be missed. While you're there checkout Kameron's recipes, I know you'll want to try them out as much as I do. Thanks again Kameron, we really wanted an image of the custom light purple penguins. Arielle's party is beyond adorable!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Madness/Life in General

Wonderful Life print by hairbrainedschemes (such a clever name)

I couldn't have said it any better. In all the holiday madness of finding that one perfect gift for each recipient on your list, or the countless to do's of daily life, and major/minor irritations this serves as a perfect reminder. Here's hoping we all can relax and simply enjoy the holiday season/life in all of its imperfections!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Perfect Dinner Guests

Elf Penguins at Christmas Dinner
Elf Penguin Gift Box

As illustrated here, the Elf Penguins make the ideal dinner guests. They add charm to the holiday table and sit perfectly still. And, they're light eaters so you don't have to cook much food! Thanks Elizabeth for sharing this with me. Love the pyrex bowl filled with cranberries I believe!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guess the theme ...

Snowflake Tree by CarlaDyck

Crystal Snowflake Headband by bethanylorelle

Mini Wooden Snowflake Ornament Gift Box by TimberGreenWoods

Mini Snowflake Banner by EMTsweeetie

Porcelain winter white & pearl snowflake ornaments by LaNiqueHOME

Wood Snowflake Ornaments by EtchesinTimeLLC

Mother's Doily Days Paper Garland by ArtsDelight

Snowflake Decals by MonkeyThreads

 I just had to kick off the holiday season with all kinds of awesome snowflakes!

Can you tell I'm fond of this theme, since I included so many snowflakes. Although, is there such a thing as too many snowflakes?